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Cost Effective

Thermix models are very economical to run as the maximum power consumption of our plinth heaters is only 19 watts/hour (10 Pence/week based on 5 hours/day of running during the heating season). Our new Low voltage models only consumes 4 watts/hour (2 pence/week based on 5 hrs/day of running during the heating season).

Save space

Our kitchen plinth heater fits perfectly under the kitchen plinth. No need for a traditional bulky radiators in your kitchen. Installing a plinth heater can free-up more wall space in your kitchen.

Models For All Needs

We have stock of kitchen plinth heaters and fan convectors to suit all your need in your house.

e.g Kitchen (KPH models), Living room/Hallway/Bedrooms (Habanero models), Bath/Toilet (KPH Low Voltage models)


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