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Our Quality

Design & Testing @ Thermix

Accelerated Lifecyle Test

At Thermix, We believes that the continued success of our company depends on delivering new innovative products and maintain the quality of the product which exceed our customer’s expectations.

We achieve our quality by selecting high quality components, testing each component individually and test the fully finished product.

Thanks to our testing department, our customers can be sure that our products are 100% tested for their functionality and the electrical safety.

Four stage quality testing

All of our products go through a four stage quality testing process.

Stage 1 – All the major components i.e fans, heat exchangers, switches, thermostat, wiring looms are inspected and tested on the pre-production area.

Stage 2 – After assembly every heaters are visually inspected and Electrically tested on the production line by our test engineers.

Stage 3 – Samples from each production batch are put through our Accelerated life cycle test facility at the factory to simulate 5 years running of the unit.

Stage 4 – Our Accelerated life cycle tests are also performed beyond 5 years of use at our test facility.

Stage 2: Functionality and Electrical Tests
Stage 3: Life Cycle Test