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Hydronic Low Voltage

Low voltage dc model
The Hydronic Low Voltage kitchen plinth heaters connect directly into the wet  central heating system and generally installed behind the plinth under a unit or cupboard in the bathroom or utility areas.

The heater automatically switches on/off whenever the central heating system turn on. Build-in thermostat doesn’t allow the fan to blow the cold air until the water temperature in the central heating system reaches above 38°C. Once the unit turns on the heat is blown through a heat exchanger into the room. If you need more heat all you do is switch the fan to boost which will push more hot air into the room. This kitchen plinth heater is a very easy to install and use.
Low Voltage models allow to be installed in high humidity areas like bathrooms as this model operates with 12V DC power. We are proud to say that we are the first company to introduce the DC powered plinth heater in UK market.

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